Let’s Cook!

I would love to introduce you to the delicious variety of vegetarian cuisine

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For when you do not have time to cook, want meal-prep to get you through the week or are simply craving the loving deliciousness that comes out of  Green Eyes Kitchen.


Local Food Tour

Join me on a walking tour of a traditional town. We will visit four different food venues tasting dishes from each place and I will share with you a cultural and food history of the place.


Dinner Parties

Allow me to prepare a meal for you and your guests! Cuisine themed dinners designed to bring everyone together around a flavorful meal.


Sunday Dinners

Family-style dinners open to the community to introduce guests palate to a delicious vegetarian meal.


Cooking Classes

Hands-on and interactive classes that get you comfortable in the kitchen rather than bound my recipes so you can continue to create and explore on your own. Classes can be done digitally or in-person.



Available for travel around the world for on-site personal chef services during any type of wellness, lifestyle, health, yoga, or spiritual retreat. Currently in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain.