Let's Eat!

Welcome to Green Eyes Kitchen, a space to explore and taste the variety of vegetarian cuisine using spices and flavor profiles inspired by cuisine from around the world. 

I'm Danielle, the creator of Green Eyes Kitchen. 

Recipes by You!

One important thing that I’ve learned along my cooking journey is that Everybody Cooks! We all need to feed ourselves and to do so, we all have developed some set of skills—novice to advanced—to answer the call of hunger. With popularity of food television and videos and a “look what I ate” posting culture, the need to nourish is kind of lost and I understand why many people feel that “they can’t cook” because it doesn’t look what we see in media.

You don’t need to be a professional chef to be creative in the kitchen. Through Everybody Cooks!, let’s rewrite the narrative and provide a space you—for everyone—to share what they’re preparing in their kitchens. I will include recipes that I am learning from others in my travels as well. So, get in the kitchen, cook something delicious and send me photos and the recipe of what you made. I hope through this platform we can inspire each other to experiment and cook more.